A Complete Guide to Your Video Marketing Strategy

When it comes to creating a strong video marketing strategy for your website presence and marketing campaign, you may find yourself overwhelmed by the the many options and strategies to choose from. In this post, we will break down several concepts that you need to know in order to have a successful marketing strategy using videos.

Helpful Tips on Making an Effective Marketing Video

Your main goal of video marketing is that you want your audience to actually sit and watch your entire presentation and not become dreadfully bored with the video content. One of the most important things you need to remember is that you need to engage your audience. This can be done by creating very eye-appealing concepts in your video that makes people’s eyes yearn for more; you can do this via using bolded or italicized or even underlined words. You probably think to yourself whenever you see these three types of word styles, “Gee…this word (or phrase) is different from all the others…it must be important!”

Also remember that, in the same vein as engaging the audience, you have a huge amount of competition on the Internet, with over 42,000,000 blogs to be found about a huge variety of topics. So, at the end of the day, your videos have to grab viewers and hold them in place. Also remember that video marketing is becoming the new must-have fad on the Internet, so if you choose to do a different type of marketing, you will fail to grab up the audience who would prefer to see a video as opposed to reading content off of a website.

One other thing you should keep in the forefront of your mind is to use proper spelling and grammar and punctuation. If u rite like a teen 4 your vid blog, u will be lol’d at. It is imperative that you use articulate language and place periods, commas, semicolons, and any other punctuation in the proper places. You are likely a very well-educated business professional, but it never hurts to be extra sure, as your audience generally would be other well-read and well-educated adults.

Video Blogging Techniques

In general, people may think of video blogging, also known as vlogging, as posting a YouTube video that tells you how to firm up your abs or how to apply the latest makeup…but this is not the case at all. If you want to promote your business or bring awareness to a business, you should make a video blog about it. Essentially, you can think of video blogs as Internet commercials that are more engaging than regular commercials.

When shooting your vlog, be absolutely sure that you maintain consistency. If the locations of your vlog are not consistent, viewers may become distracted with trying to take in the new background, which takes their attention off of the main focus of the vlog: Your product and your service explanation.

Always remember that Internet viewers are craving new, unique and relevant content, and your video should be the next new and unique thing that they are looking for.

What to Do After You Have Uploaded Your Video

So…you’ve brought your super entertaining and helpful video online for the Internet’s billions to devour. Now what do you do to promote it? What do you do to make sure it’s in the right place? Well, one thing you can do is, once you have uploaded your video, you can (and should) post a link to your actual blog or website in the description of the video. Except for the people that trust nothing on the Internet, you’ll have people click on your link and follow it to your website, and through this, your website will become even more active.

Sites like YouTube have the ability for you to ‘tag’ your videos, which means that, when someone looks in the search engine of that site (or even Google, for that matter), the single word you use for each tag will be a keyword that, for example, if someone types “Video game advancement business ideas” into YouTube’s search engine…if you had “Video” as a tag, your video will come up at some point in the search results, even if it’s completely unrelated (which, if you have been on YouTube, you probably get quite annoyed by…). If anything, you should add no more than 10 tags to your video blog for people to use to find your video.

A very smart tactic would be, in the process of making your videos, leave some, not all questions people may have unanswered so that people will be forced to look at your website if curiosity really is prodding at them for answers.

Very few people in the world today have the patience (or the aptitude for intelligence) to sit and read a 5000-word article on your website or blog when they could watch a 10-minute video on the same topic. It’s all about what is comfortable and easy for people.

Also, if you are distributing your videos through social media, such as Facebook, Twitter, or Google+…you’ll need the URL of your video (the link to it) in order to be able to even distribute it in the first place.

Video Length Matters

One thing that could potentially hamper the efficacy and conversion rates of your videos is the length of the video itself. If you do a short, 5-10 minute video, and you use engaging tactics and eye-appealing devices in your video…you’ll have people breaking their computer mouse to click on your link in the description.

If you have a 20-30 minute video…even if you use things that are meant to hold the viewers…they’ll eventually get bored. The human mind can only focus on one thing for so long before boredom settles in, no matter what is used.

Now, there is the issue of editing. After you have uploaded your video, you might notice that your  voice sounds choppy or it appears grainy because of low audio quality, or the picture is blurry and low-definition…it will be like nails on an endless chalkboard to the viewers, so make sure you use good quality everything, as it will show in your final product.

Techniques You Can Use for Video Marketing

Now, this was touched upon slightly earlier in the post, but there are methods that one can use to enhance their videos.

  • Now, this may seem ridiculous, but you have likely heard of the Chinese concept of Feng Shui. People dismiss it as pointless and a waste of time, but if you apply the laws of Feng Shui to the environment of your videos, then you will create a visually eye-appealing location for the viewers, but it will also make you feel more at ease with yourself, which will allow you to be in a better emotional and mental state when you create your videos, which will please the viewers even more.
  • One very important thing you should do while shooting your videos is, regarding the niche you are talking about, you should talk about 2-3 myths that can exist within your niche and speak of why they are myths. You could go even further and talk about your competition and why they do not have the product, yet you do. Now don’t bluntly criticize them outright by saying “Oh, W Inc.’s hair growth formula doesn’t work because of X, but my Y Inc.’s hair growth formula works beautifully because Z, and here’s the proof”.
  • Those are the three words you do want to get across. “Here’s the proof.” That is the beauty of video marketing, as you can actually show the results of your product and how they would benefit your audience. If you simply did a regular video…well, anyone can make a giant article of lies, to be honest. For one, if 1000 people read this exact article you’re reading now, there’s bound to be 50-100 of them that question the legitimacy of this article.
  • It’s human nature, and human nature cannot be changed, but if this was a video, then there’s a much bigger chance of those 50-100 people completely believing the legitimacy of this article. It doesn’t matter what anyone says: Humans are visual learners way before academic learners, and by that the meaning is that humans prefer to watch a video as opposed to reading an article. Simple as that.
  • However, by no means is this post out to tell you that your video has to be the most perfectly-formed and perfectly-shaped piece of video information in the universe…as you will likely hate your first take on your video. It’s natural for people to say “Oh, I look horrible!” or “That was a really poor performance on my part!” Well, cease hesitating to keep trying until you get it. Cut through any ideas you might have of degradation!
  • If you do not wish to step in front of the camera, you can always do a powerpoint presentation or a screen capture to create your video that way.
  • One last thing to remember as a tactic is that sometimes, there are viewers that are particularly interested in seeing beyond your videos. What really goes on with your business? What are your surroundings actually like? If it is deemed appropriate to do so, give viewers a “behind-the-scenes” look at your business.

Applying Your Videos to Social Media Marketing Successfully

It’s hard to say, but it would be a plus if you’ve heard of Vines. No, not the kind you climb on…but rather, a very short, repeating type of video that only lasts for about 6 seconds. Vines are all the rage nowadays, and people across the Internet are using them. For your video marketing strategy, you could consider creating a 6-second Vine and spending some time thinking about how to introduce, explain, and conclude your business niche in that 6 seconds. Shocking as it may be, with time and patience, it can be done…you just have to believe that you can do it.

Instagram has released a looping video creator identical in every way to Vine, but offering more editing capabilities, as well as almost twice the length of video (15 seconds) for you to make a video of. 15 seconds is much more generous than 6, but sometimes 6 is all you need if your business idea can be explained very quickly and very easily.

Facebook also does their own video service, and with this…considering the ever-increasing popularity of Facebook, they allow for you to upload twenty minutes’ worth of video to your Facebook Page, Group, or Profile…if you are a registered, verified user, that is. Facebook also allows for minor editing to the video to make it a good, smoothed-out video. If you have a product that requires you to do some heavy explaining and heavy promotion, you can use Facebook to do so.

Google+ has an interesting place on their site called Hangouts, where your video blog can take on a whole new light: live video. Another major plus for using Hangouts to do your videos is that you can make your Google+ video into a YouTube video later, which means you can share it on your other social media outlets later, which makes Google+ Hangouts a really good place for your videos to start its life as a little blossom on the apple tree that is the Internet.

Now, you’ve been reading about all of the social media outlets that you can use to get your videos made and uploaded onto the Internet successfully, but one thing that should be kept in mind. There are some people who would recommend you do interviews with people in your videos to attract people more. Let’s go against the grain and say you should not. Nowadays, with commercials and even online videos…when astute people see interviews conducted, they usually automatically assume these people are paid actors that simply come on, smile, look pretty for the camera, and say what they’re told to say in a convincing tone of voice, and then leave with dollar signs in their eyes.

So, because you would want to draw in as many people as possible to your videos and your actual website, make sure you are the one doing the videos, so that people can see it’s the real you and are more convinced.

ROI (Return on Investment) and How You Can Increase Yours with Video Marketing

ROI literally is what it says it is. You’ve made an investment into your business idea and your videos. It’s time to get some return on it (which usually refers to the traffic on your website/blog generated by your video blog in this event).

You’ve likely heard the saying “It’s a person-eat-person world”? Well, believe it or not…it’s true. Every word of it. If you don’t fight, you will be beaten. When it comes to applying that saying online…well, let’s just say companies can be VERY competitive when they are trying to push their product or brand across to the unsuspecting public. In order for your business niche to take off, and for your videos to receive plenty of views, you have to fight the long, hard cyber war to win a slice of online marketing space for you and your videos.

A way you can ensure success is to not make your videos seem like an ad. It would be best to “semi-advertise”, where you push your product, but subtly. People do not enjoy watching videos that seem like they’re watching a fast-food advertisement. So, take extra care in crafting your videos so that they seem like people are watching a story about your product and your business. This story must describe your product, possibly even how you came up with the product idea, and consider the product a plot device for your story. You can’t tell the story without it, so push the story and push the product. Talk about how the business idea was created, and go on to explain why you can do better than the competition without completely bashing them. Seem a bit humble about it, as some people don’t enjoy seeing one product bash the heck out of another and make them out to be the worst product, while making their product seem like the gold standard.

Your Next Steps

Following all of the above steps and tricks to video marketing will help you in the process of making, posting, and promoting your website and services.

In closing, one final thing you should remember is this: If you have a product that you think is completely new and unique (considering this article has spent too much time discussing if you have a product that is like other products out there on the market), be sure to touch greatly upon the points of why your product is so unique and how it would best benefit everyone who would consider buying it. For unique products, videos are even better for you to use.