Internet Marketing Decoded

strategiesYou have your brochures designed and the magazine ads planned out. You even have the newspaper spread in front of you and the business cards are out for printing. Your storyboard for the quarterly promotions is being brought in by your trusted assistants as we speak. Everything is practically on its toes and just about to be deployed. But wait a minute. Hold on just for a sec; what about your internet marketing strategies?

Yes, what about The World Wide Web that everyone but you seems to be talking about? It is not mere a tool with limitless possibilities but a portal that can lead your business to immense success overnight. Creating and maintaining a successful business presence offline is the thing of the past because clearly online companies are becoming more practical now than ever before. Now hold on again for just a bit. That doesn’t mean at all that you should start ignoring your offline audience; no way my friend. It is striking the right balance between the two that matters the most and in fact, if you don’t succeed in either, you won’t be able to realize your business’s full potential.

We see online companies popping out like runner grass on wet land but truth be told; to sustain a successful business online is easier said than done. There is an overwhelming amount of information available over the Internet and as users have most of the control as to what exactly to view and what not to view, you are going to find that getting your product its due attention from potential customers can be a real challenge.

Over the years there are a few simple principles or you might say rules that I personally think apply to this digital era. Well, I could be missing out on a few points but then the world and the internet are constantly changing and you can’t really blame me for simply trying to explain things, right? So here goes nothing.

Knowing your market

Yep, your online or internet marketing strategy can never be successful unless you understand where your interest lies. Better yet, try to understand where the interest of the audience lies and then you can come up with things that are going to sell like hot cakes. Either way, you just have to have a clearly defined audience before you spend a dime on your marketing efforts. There’s absolutely no need to pay a fancy market research firm to figure out your target market. If you know your product well, you would know who or what parties will be most interested in it. It can be men, it can be women or children or youngsters. Their age group defines it and probably their gender or income for that matter. All you need to do is get a thorough profile of your relevant audience to target your ideal customers. You need to determine how and where to reach them which may take a little while but it’s going to be worth it.

Setting goals


You have to have a destination or a level or a picture in mind that depicts your desired position in terms of success or number of customers or sales figure, etc. For any business to grow online the need to determine what they are looking to gain out of their marketing efforts becomes primary. So what exactly do you seek, is it increased awareness or web traffic? Is it a hike in annual revenue or probably multiple goals? But the practical thing is to keep track of what all you need to measure to ascertain your success. If and when you reach your initial goals, it is time to set new ones and move on to expand your horizons and continue to grow further and higher.

Working on a set budget

Having a target market was just the start and now it is time to talk money. Your entire internet marketing strategy stands on slippery mud if you don’t have the budget straightened out yet. You have to plan your budget according to your goals and audience. The unique thing about online marketing and promotion tactics is that you can be successful even if you have a tight purse string. There are a lot of platforms like YouTube or FaceBook that charge absolutely nothing to upload your content and you get unhindered exposure and limelight. However, it is not advised to religiously follow only the free forms of online marketing. You need to carefully scan through your options and choose the right marketing mix for your brand.

Talking about Brand


Setting yourself apart from the crowd comes next and this is how you beat your competition. There are thousands, probably more companies that are trying to sell the same products on the Internet as you are. So, what makes you unique and stand apart from the rest of them? That is what you need to establish through a brand. Making your image and product begins with having your very own website. Try to buy a domain name that is also your company’s name. You may consider changing it if in any case you find people confusing you with another brand. This way you can make sure that your brand is viewed by relevant customers all over. Having a well functioning and professional website at one hand and a strong social media presence on the other can prove to be a profitable combination.

Search Engine Optimization

This comes in handy when someone (most preferably a potential customer) enters a word or a phrase into a search engine. It is usually something that they want to find information about and in case they want a product that you sell, then it is obvious you would want your name to pop out first and foremost in the search engine results page. But how do you make that happen? You do that by making your website more appealing to the leading search engines like Google, Yahoo or Bing. You can do this by using keywords that are commonly searched by your potential clients. SEO can be complicated and time consuming but it is well worth your effort as it helps your site to be found more easily. So prepare your online tools and methodologies to garner the best results. Happy marketing!