Social Media Marketing Strategy

socialThe year is 2016, where are you? You are probably penning down the various marketing plans that you should have written while the New Year was still under way. Anyway, one thing is very clear that social media has now become a vital marketing tool. It is a channel that suits businesses of all sizes and types. The common question is still, “why should you use social media channels for your business?” I say, why shouldn’t you?

Sites like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Tumblr and the like are now being treated as business growth partners. Well, you should be excited since these platforms are a great way to enhance your market share and spread the word about your brand.

The not so exciting part of it though is the fact that there are many businesses out there that are not aware of this amazing channel. They are still trying to make it big in the market through the old school methods and the ones that are onboard with social media are doing it without so much as a sliver of a proper strategy. Now, isn’t that disappointing?

For the ones that want to do it right, you should benefit from knowing that you can start today and right now! But the first thing that you need to do is know yourself, your brand and most importantly your customer. In order to come up with an effective social media marketing strategy you need to know where you are headed. So, take a quick look at your current position in relation to your business’s existing social media presence.

Assess the networks that you are currently active on and their level of optimization. Evaluate all your networks well to point out the ones that bring you the most value and also compare your business profile with those of your competition.
Assessment of your current position

Having made an assessment of your current position, time is now to recognize your customer. Knowing your audience counts as it enables you to target them without losing focus midway. For instance if your target market is young corporate heads or professionals, chances are that they make use of emails and social networking sites more than the suburban parents of ages 30 to 50. So, that increases the chances of your compact e-notebooks that you designed with your technical teams on your very office table being an overnight hit.

Therefore, you will have to be as specific as possible with this step. The target audience is something that if ignored, even the best marketers won’t be able to save you from failing as a brand. Take into consideration their age, location, income group, most used social network, etc.

Mission statement

Creating a mission statement for your business comes next and is very important. It forms a crucial part of your social media marketing strategy as it will drive all your promotional actions. So make sure that you put some serious thought into it because this statement will tell you and the world your rationale behind entering the social media scenario in the first place.

You are going to announce to the world that you have arrived and won’t be easily shoved aside by competition. You need to make clear your purpose and the way you plan to use your social media presence. Always keep in mind who your ideal customer is when creating this statement.

For instance you could be entering the social media scene to educate your current and potential clients about the upcoming subsidiary brand of your already existing smart phones. You can inform them that the products and services with the subsidiary brand would be every bit as unrivalled in quality as those with the original.

Key metrics
Identifying your key metrics is another important aspect of your social media marketing strategy. You need to able to measure to improve and that applies to even a summer time weight loss program that you wish to enroll in before the bikini sale ends. Each one of your achievements needs to be measured against the goal that you had set. How will you determine that?

Your social media marketing efforts are successful only when you have gained more followers; and only when you have made more money; and only when you have beaten your toughest competition to the number one spot. The bottom line here is that you need to get a hold of and understand a few concepts such as conversion rate, reduced bounce rates, time spent on your page, reach, total shares that you received over a period of time, etc.

Engage with relevant content
Engage them with exciting and relevant content. Now, this is something that has been mentioned over and over and over again and mulled over many more times than we could count. Why, because it is true with a capital “T.” But sadly, many businesses do not realize its importance and the ones that do, jump straight to it. This is an important step only after you have performed the necessary functions that lead you to it.

The various steps that you just happened to read here in this piece should come before you go about creating and curating any engaging content for the user. All that will be done to be shared on your social media channels but, all in good time. They can be images, videos, blogs, company testimonials and news, e-books, interviews, demos and experience narratives, etc.

Tracking and optimizing all these efforts would conclude your social media marketing strategy. And if you think that, you are hugely and sadly mistaken. Marketing is an ongoing process and it will keep on evolving just as you will have to with it. What is new today might be obsolete tomorrow or perhaps in the next minute. So, remember, there is no absolute rule in marketing but there is an absolute winner and that can be you.