Analyze Website Conversions & Boost Traffic for Your Business


We all seek them, be it at the end of the year or mid-term. Holding your son’s report card at the annual parent teacher meet is definitely not the ideal way that you want to spend the rest of the day; especially when he scored a coveted B- in Math. He surely deserves a treat and so do you for all the hard work that finally paid off. So get back in the car and let’s go for a long drive along the coastline with his favorite KFC bucket. Doesn’t it feel nice to have something to show for all that midnight oil that you two burned for weeks prepping for the paper? Same thing applies to your business site as well.

A Report Card Of Sorts You Say?

Yes, website conversion analysis is something of a report card that tells whether your business has been doing well or not.

When you come to doing this in practicality, just having increased traffic to your website is not enough. What you want to be sure of is that your visitors have enough reason to perform a certain action. That action is preferably the one that leads to a sale and drives your visitors to actually making a purchase once they land on your page. Now let’s just start with the basics, shall we?

What is Website Conversion Analysis Really?

Every website that you come across on the Internet has only one specific goal which is to earn profit. For instance, an industrial website is developed to generate leads, ecommerce stores which we see plenty of working online these days are developed to sells products, and a blog simply converts your visitors to subscribers. All of it backed by a single motive, profit. But sadly, most websites and Internet marketing campaigns you see tend to ignore conversions completely. Success is not measured solely in terms of the traffic that your site gets or the rankings of your page but in terms of conversions.

Long Story Short

So basically, website conversion analysis is a measure of how many visitors you get to your site that actually become your customers. So simply put, whenever a business overlooks this one function, they are not only failing at paying attention to how many potential customers can actually become loyal customers but risking their future in the industry as well. For this you need to refine and alter your metrics and move beyond looking good on paper.

Numbers, Are They Important?

It feels however, quite nice to be able to brag about getting so many visitors every month but where are the numbers? Having made it to the mark of 10,000$ as sales after receiving such traffic and visitors justifies everything. On the other hand, if there is no financial gain that you derive out of it, then all of it is in vain. Nothing; and I mean nothing can explain the purpose of website conversion analysis better than this. But beware, before you set out to measuring things because it is very easy to get caught up and being obsessively keen eyed about every little thing. You can go about measuring things that don’t even qualify for having any significant effect on your customer base.

Are You Being Too Social?

Many online businesses today are all engrossed with the power of appearances and the number of likes and popularity of their website on social media for example. What they do is end up ignoring the amount of traffic that could be coming through the front door. They tend to overlook the main purpose of their website which is again, to get more sales. Yes, turning those visits to monetary gains is what you are here to do and that is facilitated by a careful analysis of website conversion.

Understanding CRO

An important part of conversion analysis is conversion rate optimization, or popularly called CRO. It has become so very important for businesses online because it gives you the power to pin point and understand what is not working and why. It also guides you on how to go about fixing it. Whatever activities that you perform online; right from generating interest among potential customers for your products and services to convincing them to buy them, to finally closing a sale is called, in one word, your Sales Process, well in two words actually but never mind. This in technical terms is known as your Sales Funnel. Conversion analysis of your website is that process of your online marketing strategy that does the testing of your sales funnel in order to identify leaks and fix them in time.

Types Of Conversion Analysis You Will Find Useful

 Usability Conversion Analysis

If you want to avoid all kinds of confusion, do this well in time, and prevent your users from leaving your website. There are certain web standards that should be followed at all times and if your site does not level up to the mark or may be has a non user friendly interface, your visitors might become frustrated and leave. An inviting, and usable website is the one that boosts your conversions from qualified visitors in the first glance.

Internet Marketing Conversion Analysis

So, we agree that your website is extremely friendly, inviting and easy on the eyes as well as pleasantly navigable. What about your traffic quality and quantity? Is it great or ok perhaps or just too poor to encourage conversions? You have to find that out too. You should be able to ascertain that your website is written and designed keeping in mind your best possible potential customers. These are the people that actually matter because they are most likely to convert into loyal and returning customers. This step will make sure that your Internet marketing campaign does not bring unqualified and poorly-targeted customers as your visitors. Therefore, it entails an in-depth analysis of your Internet marketing campaign which ensures that you are driving the most relevant visitors to your site.

Conversion Funnel Analysis

Conversion funnels, hmm…interesting term, and the function that it performs is even more so. Your conversion funnel is, from your visitors’ point of view, the paths through your website that they go through before converting into customers. Each page of your site that lies between the landing or entrance page and a final purchase decision or conversion page is full of opportunities. Opportunities for you to keep them interested throughout and for your visitors to become disinterested and leave. A clever conversion funnel analysis ensures that your process is less intricate and more interesting so that the willing visitors stay on the right track until the final conversion hits them. And trust me; it should hit them like a soft caress of the ocean air that they went to find on a drive along the coastline. Make them want you and they will for as long as you are in business