Tips for Success with Your Email Marketing Campaign

All companies want to expose their brands, products and services in the best possible way and make some money by closing sales. However, as technology is evolving, more and more communication services appear and it can be very hard to stay in touch with your current and potential customers.

Email marketing is a technique that has appeared in the early days on the Internet but instead of fading away, it has become stronger and more effective as time has passed. With a very powerful arsenal even today, it can be considered one of the best contenders and helpers when it comes to a proficient, useful and resourceful Internet marketing strategy.

With billions of emails being sent each day, it’s pretty clear that people always stay close to their inbox at all times, so if you need an extra edge in promoting the products and services of your company, then these email marketing techniques are the ones that you need to use in order to get the job done.

There are a few tricks that you can use in order to make your email marketing techniques even more efficient.

Personalize Your Emails

This is a major mistake that many companies tend to make; they avoid making the emails personal and instead they go with bulk or copy pasted emails that don’t appeal to anyone. If you want your email marketing and Internet marketing strategy to be successful, you need to show your customers that you actually care about them, and the only way to do that is to make sure that you talk and engage in conversations on a personal level.

Of course, this requires a lot of your time because you need to insert information that appeals to the user personally rather than adding generic information.

What Your Email Marketing Campaign Needs to Do:

  • Connect with the user at a personal level and understand them
  • Understand the real life needs and provide a solution for them
  • Bring value from the first few words by adding some ideas that will immediately appeal to your user base.
  • Avoid having a fake familiarity, and appeal to the user by sharing their purchase history and showing that you care about making the future purchases even easier for them. Or, even better, try to make things simpler by showing your new prospects how good your products are by adding some testimonials, as these can contribute to an increase in trust and sales.

Think About Creating an Acquisition Strategy

Since you need to follow any anti-spam laws that your country has listed, it’s important to have some sort of acquisition strategy that follows all rules. A great way to do this is to make sure that you have permission to email your prospects. You can get permission by asking your customer to input their name and information into an opt in form.

Email leads are often called ‘opt in’s, – this refers to the prospect emails you capture from using an opt in form or web form on your website or other forms of online content. Sure, having hundreds or even thousands of emails is a great start, but that won’t be enough, as you always need to expand your customer and user base. This is why you need to actively think about creating a solid technique that allows you to acquire more and more emails.

One of the most important things is to create acquisition forms that don’t require too much information, because if an opt in form is simple, people will most likely hand you their email addresses. Yes, instead of being too obtrusive, you might want to have a more simple, congruent and refined email acquisition process, as this will help to generate more opt ins for your list.

Aweber and MailChimp are great email autoresponders that you can use to create opt in forms, send and receive emails and create an automatic follow up campaign. They also offer you the ability to test out your conversion rates, bounce rates and email opens along with many other helpful statistics.

We Recommend That You:

  • Ask only a few questions on your opt in form. 1) Their name 2) Their email address.
  • Come up with a unique design for the form in order to make it more appealing. Use arrows and an easy to read font.
  • Use interesting information and a catchy headline that will appeal to the readers rather than drive them away, i.e. offer a free sample, report, exclusive information or discounts etc.

Mobile Optimization

Since most Internet users seem to be coming from mobile platforms, you will need to make sure that you optimize your emails and opt in forms for mobile users as well. Use some designs that can be scaled to multiple resolutions, as this is another way to get even more opt ins from users of all platforms.

You should strive to deliver a simple, elegant and compelling experience for your mobile users right from the start. Test your email marketing campaign on as many mobile devices as possible in order to make sure that the entire process is seamless and error free.

Some Mobile Optimization Tips

  • Use unique mobile designs that will appeal to all users.
  • Optimize the emails in the best possible way for as many devices as possible.
  • When sharing links in your emails, make sure those links and websites are mobile friendly.
  • Bring value with the information in your emails.

Use Relevant Information in Your Emails

Today, many people are getting way too many spam emails and complaints are abundant. When someone gets an email from a source they know nothing about, they immediately delete the email or mark it as spam. It’s very important to try to avoid this from happening to your emails at all costs, and instead make sure your email brings value.

Relating to the customers needs and desires based on sex, location and other similar information is essential if you want to get some better results with email marketing. You have to make sure that you are always on track with your audience’s age, goals and so on.

Different people like different things, so your products and services will not appeal to absolutely everyone, and this is why you have to use unique strategies and customized lists based on where the email lead came from.

It’s also important to keep your emails fresh and exciting, and this is why each email marketing campaign needs to be unique rather than bringing the same old, uninteresting techniques and information that many of your users would probably know by now.

Bring fresh information that’s interesting and beneficial for them, because this is the only way to be successful when using an email marketing campaign.

Email Personalization

Your prospects want to see that you’re treating them with importance when they read your emails. They want recommendations created specifically for them based on their browsing sessions and behavior. They want interesting information that is tailored to their needs and wants, and in the end they want to feel like they are a part of a one-on-one connection.

Try to Bring Personalization in Your Emails by:

  • Include personalized recommendations, i.e. books, blog posts, infographics.
  • Try to show your readers that you care about the date they enrolled and the activity that they have come across.
  • Don’t send typical emails, instead change them and tailor to the needs of each customer. Sure, this will require a little more time than you expect, but since customer experience is the most important thing, try to make a stellar impression with each and every email as this is the way to keep long term customers and generate more sales.
  • Use their first name in the headline and email.

Use A Call to Action

Adding a call to action in your emails is a sheer necessity, because this is one of the most important ways to successfully get your customer to do what you want them to do next. You need to be certain that your customers visit your website after they read your emails, and the only way to do this is to implement a call to action.

Call to actions work well because they enable your email marketing campaigns to have a solid purpose. This is why you need to implement a call to action into your emails as often as you can. From more traffic to increased exposure, there are numerous benefits that you can take full advantage of so do not hesitate and try to get the best possible results with the integration of this wonderful method. This approach provides you with a certain, useful way to make sales quickly and with complete reliability.

See What Happens with the Abandoned Cart Emails

There are some situations in which people abandon a purchase after just putting the item in a cart, and this purchase was initiated from an email in your email marketing campaign. Although it may be hard to understand, try to figure out what exactly made that person quit, is it the extra costs, the shipping, the location of the buyer, the safety of the link or any other thing that might prove to be hazardous and create red flags for the buyer? It’s your job to find out.

You should always try and make the purchase appealing. Provide something for free or offer incentives along with their purchase, and try to add some other neat bonuses. Of course, price reductions work well so try to implement a price reduction strategy into your email marketing techniques.

You should always be trying to perfect your email marketing campaign so that it’s working at its best. Make sure that you are entering the lives of your customers; understanding their behaviors and act on them accordingly.

Automate The Messages That Come After a Purchase

It’s great to have a customer purchase something based on your email marketing techniques, but once that is done, the work is not over. You have to be sure that you create a re-engagement campaign for your customers, in which you make the experience even more personal and have customized emails.

Avoid Doing Things Such As:

  • Sending the same email to your customers no matter what they purchase.
  • Using the same templates for your emails.

The methods listed above are not advised when it comes to creating your own, unique email marketing campaign and its post-processing stages. Try to make sure that every action that the consumer makes is performed with their permission, as this is essential if you want to create a connection and build trust.

Anticipating the movement of your customers and preparing for the purchase beforehand is essential if you want great results for your email marketing campaign, so try to keep that in mind when it comes to launching your next email marketing campaign.

Choose the Best Time to Send Your Emails

According to numerous studies, it seems that sending emails in the evening and all the way to midnight provides you with the best exposure and highest chances to get your emails read. This happens because most people are back from work and at home with their family, and it’s peak time to check email and browse the web.

Your email auto responder provider will most likely have an analytics section, where you can determine what the best ‘Send Time’ will be based on your current prospect lists. (source)

Of course, you need to come up with a good headline because you will not be the only one sending messages at this particular time, so you need to make sure that you stand out of the crowd in some way, and headlines allow you to do just that.

Test and Tweak Your Campaign

Testing how customers react to your techniques and which ones work better is essential if you want to have success with email marketing. Focus on the customer’s reactions and click and conversion rates.

Studying the market is essential if you want to make your email marketing and Internet marketing strategy a success. Innovation and personal appeal is definitely the key here, so try to integrate these factors into your marketing endeavors as fast and efficiently as possible if you to see success with your marketing plan.

In conclusion, a good email marketing campaign needs to be appealing and to relate to the needs of your customers. Try to offer incentives and freebies and make sure you understand your customer base completely.

Always find out new and exciting headlines to make your content stand out. Also, try to keep your content short and concise and include a call to action. If you take all of this advice into consideration you will certainly get some great results that will take your company to the next level!

Email Marketing

Email Marketing

– The Basics You Need to Know

Are you one of many that thinks email marketing is nothing for me ? Think again,If you are trying to learn how to market your business online, then one of the many powerful tools you have to your advantage is email. If you use email marketing correctly, it can draw in more leads and convert more people to becoming customers. Once you delve into this marketing plan, you will need to spend a lot of time keeping up with the ever changing world of email. However, for now, let’s focus on the basics – things you need to know before you ever even get started so that you can step out on the right path.

Setting and Following a Goal

This concept is important for any type of marketing in fact, so take it to heart no matter what you may be doing to grow your business. You need goals, and you need to constantly look for ways to reach them. So, before you create or consider sending out an email, ask yourself, what is its purpose? Some of the goals could be:

  • Driving Traffic to Your Website
  • Inviting People to Upcoming Events
  • Educating People about a Product or Service
  • Build Loyalty among Customers
  • Share News about the Business
  • Offer a Promotion or Sale

You need to set a goal, and that way, you will have something specific to work toward when you start an email marketing plan.

Know the Difference Between Regularly and Too Much

When you send out emails, there is a fine line between emailing regularly and emailing to the point that you annoy people. If you send out things every day, then likely, you will come across as spam and people won’t want anything to do with your business. You need to find the line between what is enough and what is too much. The best idea is to email for your business once or twice a month with specialty emails going out every once in a while. Once a day or multiple times a day would be way too much.

Make Your Email Interesting

People see emails all the time, and they will skim through or just straight delete something if it doesn’t capture their interest. A hook is definitely needed. A hook is simply something that will get attention of the reader and draw them in. So, make sure your email includes things like images, dynamic content, links to your website, etc. You want to make sure it is as interactive as possible so that people will feel more involved. That will definitely hook them much more quickly.

Always Include an Unsubscribe Link

You may be tempted to leave this off so that you will keep more subscribers, but that is a very bad idea for a couple of reasons:

  • People will get annoyed and frustrated to the point that they never want to do business with you.
  • You are legally required to include an unsubscribe link according to the CAN-SPAM act. Make sure you follow this so that you don’t get in trouble with the law, and when people ask to be unsubscribed, make sure they actually are.

Email marketing is certainly a powerful tool, and it can offer you many different options to reach potentials as well as established customers alike. However, the only way that marketing can be successful is if you think it through very carefully. Make sure you have a goal or plan in place when you start, know how much you should email without becoming “spammy”, and ensure you have a way people can opt-out for the email. Finally, always use content that will get attention and that will allow the reader to interact with the email itself, and therefore your business.