Have you ever felt that you are being information overloaded and don’t know where to start and asking your self on what information do I need to fuel my company with knowledge to be successful? Many entrepreneur and both startup and established business ask those question every single day. As an solution to that we at The InternetMarketing Central are happy to tell you as an ambassador for TechAdemcs that you now are able to get high quality entrepreneur education taught by expert in their field delivered to you in a structured way that I easy to grasp

The Entrepreneur Club

100$ p.m

Is for beginners that want a step by step internet marketing education that deliver result. If there were an option for other to offer this online learning experience it would probably be very expansive. For just 100$ a month or just 3 dollar per day, which is less then a cup of coffee each day, you can have access to a digital inner circle of forward-thinking business owners.

  • Mindset mastery – Weekly episodes with Peter Sorensen teaching personal development.
  • Ecom power team – Run successful eCommerce site with weekly lessons and tutorials with a Shopify Master Trainer.
  • Leadership academy – best practices from leaders in various industries in the weekly episodes of the Tecademics Leadership Academy.
  • Women´s Empowerment – Each week, members will have access to a video featuring an interview with an entrepreneur power woman.

….And much more

I.M.P.A.C.T – Internet Marketing Principles and Core Training.

2000$ one time fee

IMPATC stands for Internet Marketing Principles and Core Training. The IMPACT is a home study program so you can in own pace learn Internet Marketing Principles and Core Training. The course lay the Foundation for your success in your business and take you from a beginner into a solid intermediate in 12 tailor made modules.

Some of the module included in this core training series:

  • Social media marketing
  • Search engine optimization
  • List building
  • Product launches
  • Online branding

…And much more


10,000 $ one time fee

TecWeek offers scientifically-engineered, best-in-class, Internet Marketing and Entrepreneurial continuing education. courses are taught by true practitioners who know their profession and are eager to transfer a wealth of knowledge to willing students. The classes will be coached in ISD format (Instructional Systems Design) which usually is the same style used by learning institution worldwide. If you cannot attend the live classes because of travel restrictions, then you still have access to all of the classes as they are recorded

  • Writing a Business Plan:A business plan establishes a defined course that helps guide an entrepreneur through the creation of a business while also effectively communicating that plan to investors, financers, banks, and potential clients. This course teaches both the practical and conceptual elements of writing an organized business plan with all its necessary components.
  • Sales 101: AEvery business relies on the ability to engage in some form of sales, whether it is for goods, services, or ideas. You do not have to be born with a gift of a salesman. Instead, you can learn the science and methodologies that are common across all aspects of sales. This course offers the key concepts and practices to help you to actively conduct sales or oversee what others are expected to do..
  • Facebook Advertising 101: Lays the foundation you need to start building Facebook ads that effectively target your market with the reach and exposure of this powerful network
  • Internet Marketing Strategies 101: The course will provide a broad coverage of marketing practices related to brands, searches, mobile devices, social media, and marketing tools and practices for those at the entrepreneurial beginning.
  • SEO 101: Explore the anatomy of search engines and the fundamentals of what it takes to conduct proper search engine optimization.
  • Social Media Marketing Strategies: Introduction to the various popular social media sites and a step-by-step process to register and set up profiles on each one. Students will also learn techniques on how to optimize each profile and come up with a plan to create content effectively

….And much more