The Ins and Outs of Search Engine Optimization

The words search engine optimization might seem a little bit technical at first but learning the ins and outs of search engine optimization or, SEO for short is an essential part to know in order to have a complete and successful Internet marketing strategy.

What is Search Engine Optimization?

When you search for something in Google, websites will show up from page 1 all the way up to page 100+. If you’re a business owner, you will want your business to show up on page 1 and take up as much real estate on that page as possible. Search engine optimization is also often referred to as Search Engine Positioning, or SEP for short.

The websites that show up on page 1 of Google and other search engines did not get ranked well on the first pages by accident. Chances are, those website owners have a strong knowledge of SEO and have access on the latest trends and tips that can help them get their websites ranked online.

Getting your website ranked online isn’t that simple. It strongly depends on the keywords you use, your competition and your other marketing methods used in your Internet marketing strategy.

Some SEO Basics

Some of the most important things you can do to help your site get ranked well using SEO techniques include having an on-site SEO plan and an Off-site SEO plan.

An on-site SEO plan would consist of making sure that your website, images, titles, and descriptions are keyword loaded and search engine friendly. You will need to do some keyword research in order to see which keywords will work the best based on your competition, niche, and target market. Once you have those keywords, you will want to place them in your websites title and description and use them when you upload your images and tag them.

Some more advanced on-site SEO strategies include, implementing a sitemap, robots.txt file, Google analytics and webmaster tools as well as choosing a website theme that is SEO friendly.

Some off-site SEO things you can do for your website will relate to everything that can be done without changing your website directly. A great off-site SEO plan would consist of creating backlinks through directory submissions, creating blog posts, press releases and articles, creating and sharing video content, using social media, and social bookmarking your content.

One of the best ways to optimize your site and make it search engine friendly is to use a combination of both on-site and off-site SEO techniques as well as have a strong plan for relevant and consistent content creation, sharing and optimization.

How Long Does it Take to Get Ranked?

Most businesses want to get ranked fast and will use software or other black-hat shortcut techniques that could end up being harmful and get their website banned from the search engines.

There are a number of factors that will determine how long it will take to get your site ranked including; the date of the domain and website, the domain name, on-site and off-site SEO factors, website theme, competition, malware, keywords used, business address and phone number consistency as well as the number and quality of backlinks.

It could take between 2 -12 months to get your site ranked on page 1 of Google depending on these factors. It will not happen quickly and it’s very important that you stay on top of the latest search engine optimization rules and algorithms so you can be in the know if it comes time to change something quickly on your site.

If search engine optimization is too much for you to manage, that’s okay, there are lots of helpful tips and resources that you can use to help guide you along the way to becoming more knowledgeable with SEO techniques. Check out our page here for more information on how we can help. (insert call-to-action link)