A Few Great Ways That You Can Better Enhance Your Marketing Using Social Media

The first thing that may come to mind, in the event that you do not know what social media marketing is, a good example would be this: If you were going to use Facebook, or Twitter, or another social media website as a way of marketing your product, then this would be called social media marketing.

Top Ways of Advertising with Social Media

One of the advantages to social media marketing is that social media websites receive ample amounts of traffic every day and night, which can be extremely beneficial to you and your business if you decided to market your product via one of these websites.

Now…social media does not refer to just websites like Facebook…it can refer to anything that the public absorbs and considers a form of multimedia: Music, television, radio, blogs, even street signs can be a form of social media marketing, and many of them can be seen as great ways to enhance your product through advertisement in these venues.

Your Followers

Another major point that you can count as a benefit is, if you promote your product through social media marketing, you also stand to gain a following of people who really like your product and want to see more of it and your other products and services. But the icing on the cake, is that your ‘followers’ will most likely use social media websites such as Facebook to spread the word about your product, therefore; you can get free marketing through word-of-mouth.

However, one of the things you have to do the legwork in is keeping your followers happy and excited. It’s much like being the owner of a theme park. If you don’t keep your customers happy with your rides and concession stands, they’ll all leave your park and it’ll be deserted.

It’s the same with social media marketing. If you don’t keep your followers happy and thoroughly engaged in your product, they will abandon your business, and you’ll be left high and dry. Social media can be fickle, but not if you know how to bend, twist, and otherwise conform it to your wishes and desires regarding your product.

Other Aspects of Social Media

Social media is a very unique thing between the sites that function as social media sites. They all have different layouts, different styles of presenting social media to the public, and even different audiences that they seek to cater to.

When it comes to social networks, which are the biggest hubs of social media out there, you would want to go to one of these social networking sites because they are one of the fastest ways to get your product or service across to the public. If you have a strategy built for your products and services, you’d do best to head on over to a social networking site that has the audience, the attraction, and the style that conforms best to your products and services.

Things to Consider when Choosing a Social Network to Join and Advertise Your Business

When it comes to advertising your business and products on a social networking website, there are some factors that you do need to consider:

Your Time

If you’re not the kind of person that can spend hours upon hours on a social network (leave that to the teenagers of today’s society), then how can you possibly hope to advertise your product? Well, if you have the funds, consider hiring someone to manage your social networks, and be sure to keep up on what they are doing. However, if you do not have the funding to hire a person, then try to set aside the time to work with your social media accounts (at least 1 or 2 hours a day per social network you have joined).

The Resources at Your Disposal

When it comes to what resources you have access to, you have to consider a couple of things. What do you have in way of staffing is important to consider, as if you have a staff, their skills will need to be applied to all the correct areas.

If you are working with a visual social network that uses images as the majority of their service, then you need a staff that has knowledge about what images to use, when to use them, and how best to apply them. If you are on a more text-based social network (Facebook being one prime example), you will need to bring on workers who are well versed in the ways of using such social networks.

Considering Your Audience

When you are deciding which social networking sites to join to advertise your product, you need to look at the audience you are trying to draw for your business. Is this audience on the social networks you are looking to join up with? If not, then maybe that’s not the social network you should be joining.

Always be sure to join the social networks that have the audience that you are looking to promote your product or service on.

Your Writing Voice and Your Writing Style on Social Media

When people are reading information on the Internet, they are reading the “writing voice” of the author of whatever they are reading. When you are displaying your content on social networks to help promote your product, you should assess the situation and develop a “voice” for your style of writing.

The voice must be consistent, and the voice must be present through all of your writings. Your voice comes out in the choice of your wording, your sentence structure, and your expression, and it can’t really be helped, but make sure all of the aforementioned aspects of your writing voice remain consistent throughout your time spent on social media and social networks. At the end of the day, your writing voice dictates how much your readers will hang on to your every word like a lifeline.

Images in Social Media

When you are building your clientele base on social media for your business, one thing that is very, VERY important is the idea of imagery.

Images are a crucial part of your social media advertising. People are not just creatures of emotion, but as a rule, people learn best and absorb the most by SEEING what they are being told.

If you provide attractive images of your product or service, people would be much more easily magnetized to your product than if you simply told them through text. You should always be sure to use eye-catching images.

If you are advertising on, say, Facebook…and you post a VERY attractive and eye-appealing image of your product that catches people’s interests, then they may “Share” your image with their friends and family, thereby increasing your customer base with little effort from you.

A study has been done on Facebook users who would sooner post images than text, and it shows that people were more likely to “Like” or “Share” an image of, say, a cow munching on grass, as opposed to “Liking” or “Sharing” a post saying “The cow is munching on grass happily.”

So, consider boosting your popularity on social media by combining all of your text-based information with a plethora of imagery.

Frequency of Posting on Social Media

When you have all of your content prepared and you have enough great images that catch the reader’s eye to share with your social media followers. But how often should you actually post on your social media sites?

In all honesty, there is no definitive answer to this question, unless you included a bunch of factors:

  • What business are you trying to promote?
  • If you’re promoting fireplaces, you might want to post often closer to winter. If you’re promoting candles, you might want to keep your posting to a decent minimum.
  • Who are you drawing the attention of with your product? Post at a time that this specific audience would be viewing that social network more than usual.

Are any updates to your posts truly top-notch quality? If you do a very simple update that doesn’t appeal to people very much, such as “This is what I am selling you” Vs. “This is what I am selling you NOW”. Can you see the difference, which one appeals more to you?

But if you stated, “This is what I am selling you” Vs. “My product has undergone a sweeping change! Allow me to tell you just how much my product has changed!” then that would be far more pleasing to the mind, and you would have a much better chance of catching people’s eyes with your new content.

One last thing about frequency you should consider is this: If you come to notice that people are really liking your content and your posts and such, you can generally post more about your products and services than you typically would, as people wouldn’t entirely mind if they really liked your concepts. Generally, the big, major social media sites, like Twitter and Facebook, tend to have their primetime in the afternoons.

There are certain social analytics tools like facebook insights that can let you know when your audience reach is at it’s peak and let you know what times your audience likes or engages with your posts or pages.

Setting up a System that can help you to stay on Top of Everything

With there being SO much about social media marketing that may confuse you or may become quite messy and disorganized, you’d probably want an efficient way of keeping everything organized and in the proper order. A tool such as Buffer would be a good starting point; as such tools are very good at keeping your content all together.

If you have multiple social sites to manage and are tired of logging in and out of each one in order to post a daily update, you should really think about getting a program like HootSuite. It will help you organize your social media accounts and even allows you to schedule your updates for whatever time you choose.

We’ve Talked About Online Strategies…but what About the Offline Aspect of Social Media Marketing?

You were probably concerned for a bit that the offline side of social media marketing wasn’t going to be talked about, but you have no reason to fret.

While online social media marketing is often the way everyone goes nowadays…some offline techniques still work quite well in order to help promote your social media sites.

When you think about it…people still watch television and listen to the radio. People even still read the newspaper (Shocking, right?). People still glance at giant billboards on the side of the highway as they’re driving through 4 lanes of traffic. You see the pattern, right?

There are PLENTY of places you can advertise your product or services offline as well as promote your social media pages. In fact, the more places you can place your social media badges, icons and images, the better.

You should promote your social media sites everywhere you can, online and offline. Here are a few places to promote your links and icons.

  • Email signatures
  • Business cards
  • Print marketing materials, flyers, newspaper ads
  • Apparel, hats, shirts
  • Pens, notepads, stickers, buttons
  • Tv and radio

Be a Social Media Star

You have made it to the end! Congratulations! Yes, that was a lot of information to take in, but rest assured, it will be of great benefit to you in the future if you can apply the knowledge in the ways mentioned.

One of the things you should know, in closing, is that all of this information brings you one (or even two) steps closer to understanding and being able to implement social media marketing into your offline and online career, and the fact that both can intertwine with each other. It may cost to do social media marketing offline, but if you are willing and able to do both…you will be truly successful if, again, you apply the above methods in the correct ways and truly try to help your clients and not just close a sale.