Engage and Convert Visitors with Great Website Design

Your website is competing for attention with millions of others. So you need to use clever design in order to encourage visitors to stay for longer and keep them coming back for more. You need not only quality content, but clever and exciting ways to present that content.

Fool proof your site

Recent statistics suggest that nearly 70% of visitors will leave your site if they have a poor user experience. So make your site user-friendly. Use intuitive interfaces, so users find it easy to navigate your site and keep things simple – complicated formatting drives people away. Place navigation menus at the top and at the sidebar, especially if you have lengthy pages and put your important content ‘above the fold’. Visitors want to see what your site is all about as soon as they click on your link.

Make your site clean and focused, a few well-placed bullet points of information and plenty of white space will work far better than pages filled with data, stats and graphics. And make online forms easy and quick to fill in, nobody has the time or patience to fill in lengthy forms. Incorporate clear calls to action: Make it obvious how visitors can buy on your site, or what they need to do to get more information.

Engage visitors with exciting visuals

Use images but make it clear why they’re there; design and visual elements must be self-explanatory. You have only a few seconds to make a good impression so make visuals work for you and leave visitors in no doubt what the purpose of your website is as soon as they land on your homepage.

It’s clear what Charity: Water’s website is all about at http://www.charitywater.org/

Try using parallax scrolling to enhance your users’ experience. The more your audience enjoy being on your website, the more conversions you will make. Parallax scrolling is a unique and eye-catching way to get your message across visually. Parallax refers to the use of several elements that individually move as you scroll down the page, resulting in a dynamic experience that encourages further scrolling. An example of this is Sony’s Be Moved campaign. You can find plenty of advanced, code-free website design platforms that will allow you to create your own pixel-perfect scrolling website.

Make it responsive

Most people now browse using their smartphones. It’s a no-brainer then to ensure your website can be easily viewed on mobiles, tablets, PCs and laptops, with text and visuals that adapt to each device. When you’re designing look for responsive themes. It’s also easy to upgrade an existing theme to a responsive one, at little or no expense.

There’s a real need for speed

In this world of short attention spans, slow load times kill engagement. If your site is taking too long to load your visitors will leave – it’s as simple as that. Websites are becoming more complex and more visually appealing which means load times are greater but you can mitigate this by optimizing images for the web and serving your site through a Content Delivery Network. You could also ‘minify’ your site’s content too since this strips all white space, and results in tiny versions that load quicker.

Finally, test it out

A/B testing allows you to test out graphics, fonts, colours etc. to get you a better understanding of your visitors’ behaviours, and determine what yields you the best results.